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The best, cheapest cash loan for you! Every month, practically every day, banks change their offers – interest, commission, which translates into the total cost of the loan. We have various cash loans available on the market and cash loans for any purpose. The ranking of cash loans will allow you to compare cash loans and will certainly help you choose the most suitable cash loan. The comparison of cash loans will indicate the best cash loan – the cheapest, the most advantageous one. Cash loan with the lowest installment on the market! Low installment, low interest rate and full flexibility.


The best loans and cash loans

The best loans and cash loans


Ranking of cash loans available in Polish banks. With us you will find the best and cheap cash loan in the promotion.

BTA Bank cash loan

BTA Bank, whose new loan with a promotional interest rate of only 5%, without income statements and without leaving home , is one of the most advantageous offers among all cash loans currently available on the Polish market. The main advantage of the current BTA Bank offer is the fact that you do not have to open an account or buy insurance! A cash loan of up to PLN 4,000 at BTA Bank can be obtained on the basis of a statement on income – just an account statement! A quick loan online at BTA Bank with a guarantee of the lowest installment throughout the repayment period and payment of funds to the account indicated by you, even in one day, is available up to 200,000. zł.

This is a unique offer that is sure to introduce major changes in Polish banking. The interest rate on a cash loan at BTA Bank is only a few percent, and in the promotion – 0% . As for the commission, depending on many factors (eg loan amount, loan length, credit history in BIK, collateral for the bank) it ranges from zero to 7.9%.


Happy Credits PBN Bank

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The Happy Credits cash loan in the PBN Bank Bank is addressed to regular and new customers. Those interested in the offer have a chance to apply for a cash loan worth between PLN 1,000 and PLN 120,000, along with credited costs . The repayment of the Mini Ratny loan can be spread out for 96 months and up to 120 months for loans to repay other loans (consolidation). The PBN Bank bank ensures minimum formalities and the issuance of a quick initial decision. The customer may sign a loan agreement with the bank without a visit to the PBN Bank branch – the contract is signed online, but only for customers using the iPKO website.

A huge advantage of the Happy Credits cash loan in the PBN Bank Bank is the high maximum liability amount, as well as extremely flexible repayment period and the possibility of obtaining a loan without additional collateral and a guarantor – up to PLN 23,000 just an account statement from the last 3 months and ID card . Another advantage of the Happy Credits loan are credit holidays – it is possible to suspend the repayment even for 3 months or to postpone it for 3 months (grace period). These are conditions that allow for individual adjustment of the terms of debt to the client’s needs.


EPP Bank cash credit

A cash loan in EPP Bank is an offer addressed to people who need quick cash for any purpose, a decision can be obtained even in 15 minutes . An additional advantage of this offer is low interest rate, flexible loan period , which ranges from 3 to 108 installments and a high amount of cash loan from 500 to 120,000 PLN . In order to get a EPP Bank cash loan you must complete the online application and then come to an erobank with an ID card and a statement about your earnings.

EPP Bank offers several versions: a “loan” cash loan, a cheap credit with an account, a loan with an annual bonus, a loan for everyone. The “loan” cash loan is very popular . This offer is ideal for people with sudden expenses, because the decision is taken even in 15 minutes. The amount of cash loan “loan” from PLN 1000 up to PLN 15,000, which can be repaid from 12 to 60 months . To obtain a cash loan in EPP Bank, an ID card and a statement about earnings are enough. The EPP Bank cash loan is granted without unnecessary formalities.


The cheapest cash loan – which bank to choose?

The cheapest cash loan - which bank to choose?

When choosing a cash loan, it is worth getting acquainted with current promotions and offers of leading banks on the Polish market: BBB Bank, CEI Bank, EKT Bank, NMU Bank. On our website you have the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting information on this very topic.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current ranking of cash loans and to compare cash loans and carry out the installment simulation, including the calculation of cash loan costs in individual banks, using the provided comparison of cash loans.

Compare cash loans, calculate the installment of a cash loan, and find out which cash loan is currently the cheapest.

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